Who we are

Startup Europe Lens is an international non-profit organisation, seated in Brussels, with its mission to facilitate direct, regular and constructive dialogue between European policymakers and tech startup entrepreneurs, particularly those in emerging regions and maturing ecosystems.


As the name suggests, the goal of the organisation is to focus on European startups and to shine a light on what the EU can do to help entrepreneurs from all corners of Europe build and scale technology businesses that can compete and potentially lead on a global level.

The Startup Europe Lens organisation wants to ensure European startups have a strong voice in the ongoing reshaping of EU policies and the creation of a unified, harmonised digital single market

To assist European startup founders in establishing and growing innovative, thriving technology companies that challenge the status quo, it is imperative that the people who govern them have a clear and deep understanding of their importance for job creation, economic growth, technological and scientific innovation and the benefit of society and humanity as a whole.

 Startup Europe Lens wants to ensure that existing and future policies and legislation will be focussed on or at least take into account the needs of, as well as the challenges faced by technology entrepreneurs from across Europe. 

Supported and endorsed by the European Commission, the association is completely neutral, funded solely by its members, and functions totally independently from any EU institution or member state, corporation, association, regional network, company or foundation.

To achieve its goals, the organisation will actively seek partnerships with any of the above entities, and fight for a seat at the table through various EU-funded and supported projects and Horizon Europe/European Innovation Council projects.


Co-founder & President

Co-founder & Executive Director